Farnborough Bowling Club | Founded 1947: Affiliated to Bowls England, Bowls Hampshire, A&DBA, F&DBA, NHWBA, BVLBL fir louboutin

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Founded 1947: Affiliated to Bowls England, Bowls Hampshire, A&DBA, F&DBA, NHWBA, BVLBL Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content HOME About Us Contact Contact Details About Us Contact us Info Green Information New Bowler Bowls Information Dos & Don’ts Monday Club Membership News What’s On Competitions League and Club Fixtures Aldershot & District Blackwater Valley Club Friendlies Farnham & District Stan Hardman Eastern Division Club Competitions Drawn Pairs Entered Pairs Frank Costar Trophy Ladies’ Championship Ladies’ Handicap Ladies’ Two Woods Men’s Championship Men’s Handicap Men’s Two Woods Nell Rumble Shield Newcomers’ Trophy Novices Simpkin Trophy Toucher Trophy Two Wood Pairs Club Winners 2017 Newsletters 2016 Spring Newsletter 2015 Christmas Newsletter Autumn Newsletter Summer Newsletter Spring Newsletter 2014 Autumn Newsletter Summer Newsletter Spring Newsletter Photos Welcome

Thank you for visiting the Farnborough Bowling Club Website. Farnborough Bowling Club is a friendly, sociable club in Canterbury Road. We welcome new bowlers and provide free tuition, more information can be found here Use the menu at the top of the screen to navigate around the site or select a post to view from the left. To access the Members’ Area log in using the link at the top left (may be at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices)

We are now proud supporters of The Rushmoor Community Lottery

The club laid a new green in September 2016 ready for our 70th anniversary year. The club was 70 years old on 17th August


Next few events

Full calender available here

Recent Honours Aldershot & District Division 2 Winners 2017 Farnham & District Division 2 Runners Up 2017 Farnham & District Mixed Pairs Finalist 2017 Farnham & District Boyd Shield Finalist 2016 Farnham & District Men’s Pairs Finalists 2016 Aldershot & District 2 Wood Triples Finalists 2016, 2015 Astolat Plate Winners 2016 Ken Britton Cup Winners 2015 Farnham & District Mixed Triples Winners 2015 Farnham & District Ladies Pairs Winners 2015 Farnham & District Ladies Singles Finalist 2015 Farnham & District Division 2 Runners Up 2015 Latest News

Christian Louboutin outlet en ligne: left;"> Success at Bowls Hampshire Tour

Farnborough bowlers has a successful week at the Bowls Hampshire Tour at The Dorset Bowls Resort.


Harrison Ash along with Cove, Oakley and Aldershot Underwood bowlers won the competition.




Geoff Ringrose with Michael and Sheila Andrews came third.  A very successful week.


Read more... 0 comments Committee for 2018 Season

The following members were voted in to form the committee for the 2018 season at today’s AGM

President: Michael Andrews Vice President: Christine Lee Secretary: Barry Lee Assistant Secretary: Rona Jennings Treasurer: Diane Hill Club Captain: Sheila Andrews Men's Captain: Geoff Chadd Ladies' Captain: Joan Moorcroft Competition Secretary: Martin Lee Match Secretary: Colin Arnold Green Manager: Bob Savory Press Officer: Michael Andrews Development Officer: Vacant Bar Manager: Mick Browne Additional Member: Edith Edgar Additional Member: Brenda Brown Print PDF Read more... 0 comments Presentation Evening

Our presentation evening at the Village Hotel today 27th October.

Read more... 0 comments Club Finals - 16th / 17th September

Results of the club finals below

Competition Saturday 16th September 10am Men's Handicap Keith Dunstone Chris Henderson WON Ladies’ Handicap Sheila Andrews Christine Lee WON Novices Pam Page Steve Wood WON Saturday 16th September 2pm Toucher Trophy Barry Lee WON Martin Lee Men's Championship Harrison Ash WON Geoff Chadd Ladies' Championship Christine Lee WON Sheila Andrews Sunday 16th September 10am Simpkin Harrison Ash WON Keith Dunstone Ladies' Two Woods Sheila Andrews Christine Lee WON Newcomer's Trophy Pam Lazenby WON Carol Howlett Sunday 16th September 2pm Men's Two Woods Chris Henderson Keith Dunstone WON Entered Pairs Harrison Ash & Edna Lakeman WON Martin Lee & Barry Lee Drawn Pairs Arthur Page & Christine Lee WON John Badcoe & Geoff Ringrose

Print PDF

Read more... 0 comments Nell Rumble won by Team Lee

Saturday’s weather was brilliant as was the bowling for the Club’s Two Wood Triple Competition (Nell Rumble Trophy)  Group A was won by Barry, Christine and Martin Lee.

Group B was the more hotly contested group with several team vying for top spot.  It finally came down to the last game where the Team of Geoff Chadd, Bob and Judy Savory beat Harrison, Paul Sainsbury and Steve Wood.

In the final the Group 2 winners was no match for the on-form Team Lee  who won with an end in hand.

A brilliant day, well organised as ever.

Read more... 1 comment

Members Log in News Success at Bowls Hampshire Tour Committee for 2018 Season Presentation Evening Club Finals – 16th / 17th September Nell Rumble won by Team Lee Photo of the day F. Over there.jpg Farnborough Forecast Tuesday Partly Cloudy High 7° / Low 1° Tomorrow Partly Cloudy High 6° / Low -2° Privacy Statement 23a Canterbury Road Farnborough Hampshire United Kingdom GU14 6NW Tel: 07901 366698 Contact Form © Copyright Farnborough Bowling Club 2012 - 2017
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